"Knowing Your Camera, Knowing How to Photograph" by Terry Hewitt

"Knowing Your Camera, Knowing How to Photograph" by  Terry Hewitt

From October 07, 2021 7:30 pm until October 07, 2021 9:30 pm

At Upper Bolton Social Club

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Knowing Your Camera, Knowing How to Photograph’ a talk by Terry Hewitt
"Using live view I demonstrate all the key settings on a DSLR camera. In other words what effect do all the adjustments you can make on your camera have? I show what they do, what are the side effects, why do you need this feature and most importantly when to use it. The talk finishes off with the 40 things to do before you press the shutter. Topics covered: Exposure ; Depth of Field ; White Balance; Spot or Centre weighted exposure.: Single point v multipoint Focus : advantages of the 3 Manual Modes : ISO settings ; Raw ; Choice of Lens (Prime v Zoom) ; Noise; Image Stabilisation; Light Source; Flash (off camera)"


Please remember that our evenings are not only for informing you and helping you in your photography.

We are a social group and meet to share ideas, locations and generally have a good old natter.