On Wednesday, three members of the society set off, with a lady (my wife), to Haworth for a day of photographic fun and lens testing frivolity.

The day promised fair weather, and we were not be disappointed. While the little lady (she is of diminutive stature I promise, and this is not a slight, I swear) was distracted with her book and the Bronte Parsonage, we found ourselves at the Church. Here we found photographic sanctuary amongst the gravestones, but were set upon by what turned out to be the tamest and furriest of feline friends. The scene was tarnished a little though, as the church steps were being spray washed at the time, and the aroma was non too fresh.

With new lenses tested and small technical hiccups ironed out, we set off for the station and the promise of the picturesque platforms in all their steam-trained glory. The timetable soon put paid to that endeavour though, as we found out that Wednesdays in November mean non-train days. Our subsequent ascent back up towards to cobbled main street was done with less of a spring in the step, but with far more irony in the humour!

This was heightened further when a signpost for Penistone Way was obstructed by a post and the subsequent mis-spelling was indeed most comical, if a little rude. After this, we also came across Butt Lane and Purvs Corner, and the mood was lifted considerably!

So, after lunch (and suitable pub-related refreshment) we made our way along the valley towards the Bronte Waterfall. This was only 1/2 a mile, according to a (very poorly distanced) signpost, from where we parked. After walking into the setting sun (obscured slightly by clouds for most of the way) we were unsure of the way, so asked a helpful rambler. "Could you point us towards the waterfall?" I asked. "Over there," she pointed, "though I wouldn't really describe it as a waterfall," was her less than enthusiastic description.

After our epic trek, this came as quite a disappointment, but at that very moment, the sun came out from the clouds and the landscape was, for just about 15 seconds, bathed in the kind of light that we had been readying ourselves for all day. So, as the sun set, we had our cameras primed and ready (settings and lens information not included *see below) and we made the most of this opportunity and got 'the shot' **also see below.

It was the perfect end to a very enjoyable day.

*purely included for entertainment value following conversations on the day, details available upon request :-)

** this is purely for information only, awaiting publication of my next coffee table classic ;-)