Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society

Icelandic Sunset

On 21 January, Peter Sykes gave us a very interesting insight into life in Iceland.

Since his brother lives there, the perspective was rather different to the usual tourist view. Certainly the scenery was as striking as you'd expect with plenty of impressive images.

All the way from his home in Lytham St Annes, Pete Colley told us all about photographing the night sky on 14 January. And what a lot of practical information there was!

Illustrated with his own stunning images, Pete provided a stream of tips on equipment and techniques for best results on different aspects of the night sky.


John Gill in Action by Graeme Mitchell

With his title reflecting the conditions in the ex-mining towns, John Gill's talk on 30 January was a master class in street photography. Starting with street scenes in Castleford where he lives, John has followed  his theme through a number of run-down coal towns, the homeless in the cities and into the equally run-down sea-side towns.

Tonight Ken Fisher gave an excellent presentation on Lightroom and Photoshop.

Ken had a way of putting over the different acpects of Lightroom and Photoshop by likening the actions to everyday objects - even to soap!

Explained that Lightroom should be looked upon as the main point of image correction, then then if further work was required to pass the image from Lightroom to Photoshop if further work was required.

He showed the advantages of using smart objects in Photoshop in order to preserve the original image when working on adjustments and adjustment layers. Especially using smart filters and masking.


On February 9 2019 Lewis Speight came from Olympus to demonstrate the new range of OMD cameras (nothing to do with the 80’s group).

The new OMD E-1 Mark ll is claimed to be 58% smaller and 41% lighter than comparable Canon or Nikon cameras because of the extra-small sensor. It can also be hand-held for around 5 seconds even at very slow speeds and still remain sharp.  Other features include some built-in processing features such as Curves.

The pro-capture feature also takes up to 35 shots before the shutter is pressed and can reach up to 60 frames per second after that. Despite being small the OMD E-1 Mark ll is claimed to be virtually indestructible.

At approximately £2800 upwards (but with 10% discount for BPS members at Leeds Jessops) the new range is not cheap but most members saw it as good value.

Training Evening - Photoshop

 November already! On the first, Peter Sykes, our President, treated us to a tutorial evening on Photoshop. As requested by members, the emphasis was on the latest selection techniques offered by the widely used CC version of this popular image editing software.

 Essentially the task was to select things with a difficult boundary.

 The first example involved replacing the background of an orchid by making a selection based on a colour range.

 Orchid before and after

The first DPI competition of the 2018-19 session took place on 17 May with Frank Lodge as our judge for the evening.

With thirteen members putting entries for the JF Mather Trophy, nine members enteringing the Tom Scatchard Trophy and 34 entries in the the Norfolk Trophy it was quite a busy night for the judge.

JF Mather Trophy was won by Graham Binns with -

Force Aura (20)
34   Force Aura









13th September brought our first training evening. Considering the glamorous nature of the subject, 'Mounts, Rules and Competitions', there was an impressive turnout! Experienced members helped to highlight important aspects of the rules by way of constructive comments from the floor during the presentations.

These ranged from explaining the methods of mounting photographic prints to setting out the image size limits for the various competitions the club is involved in. Although all this information is detailed in the club rules, available on-line for everyone to see, it proved useful to explain why some of the restrictions exist.


We had an excellent turnout for the first evening of the new season.

The theme of the evening was "Did you have a good summer?" when members show us a selection of the images they had taken during our recess.

Nine members put their images up in th eDropbox, and a few more brought them along on the night.

This is just a small sample of the images we were enthralled by.


What a competition evening - it even snowed! The last day of November saw our first print trophy night of the 2017-8 session and it was very well supported. There were 43 entries for the WH Hammond portrait trophy and 44 for the JH Leighton open pictorial trophy. This produced a prodigious workload for our judge, Andrew Rothery, which he tackled with gusto and without skimping on the useful advice or the witty asides.

Thursday 1 September saw the first meeting of the new session. An impressive fourteen members altogether showed their work. So, with most submitting ten photographs, commentary on each was necessarily brief. It is always fascinating to hear the story behind an image. Some seriously stunning work was on show and we will no doubt see many of these images again in our competitions.

Treasurer Mathew was gainfully employed taking subscriptions with his impressive pre-printed receipts.

Along with a nice catch-up chat, it was a great start to the 2016-17 year!



A gorgeous evening on Thursday 12th of May was spent by four teams of BPS members indulging in a photographic Treasure Hunt. Each allocated a colour, the challenge was to was to present a set of five images with that colour as their theme.

Don Crabtree acted as judge and he had a difficult task with a similar standard offered by all the sets. It was encouraging that Don considered that no set was complete rubbish - but slightly surprising since the whole exercise took about 90 minutes from finding suitable subjects to presenting the finished set complete with any desired post-processing.