Water Jump

Our speaker on 15 October covered his entire photographic journey for us. While Peter Milsom has achieved EFIAP Gold, DPAGB & BPE4* his first achievements were in athletics. Staring at the age of 12 he spent 18 years in athletics both as a competitor and a coach. This gives him a profound understanding of track and field which certainly shows through in his images.


What came as a surprise was the width of his interests, covering not just a range of sports but also wildlife & motorsport. Clever choice of angles and backgrounds make Colchester Zoo look like an East African safari and it is this level of thought and pre-planning that produce his quality action shots.


What makes a good sports photograph? Peter says that your image needs to show effort, drama and emotion. And he demonstrated that it works!

Wheelchair Race

With tips on how to get the best shots at wheelchair racing, basketball, canoeing, swimming, kite-surfing and cycling we were all given plenty of opportunity to improve our own work.

Canoe Slalom

There is no doubt that inside knowledge of the athletic events, feelings and competitors, helps Peter to gain access and enables him to apply his mantras of get close and chose a low angle.

Attending the big events allowed him to take impressive shots of many of the big names. However the action shots that, for me, were most impressive, were taken at the Bedford Athletic Club events where personal contact with the athletes allowed a direct communication with the subject.

High Jump - Never seen eye contact in mid-jump before!

Long Jump

Safety advice was down to earth. Stand next to an official if they are throwing things. He will warn you if you are about to be hit. Don't shake hands with a shot-putter!

An evening full of practical technical information from a speaker who really understands his subject. Peter Milsom's talk was impressive and inspirational.


All images by Peter Milsom