First DPI Competition

From October 21, 2021 7:30 pm until October 21, 2021 9:30 pm
Posted by Peter Sykes
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Tom Scatchard Memorial Trophy - Record


Best Set of 3 Images

JF Mather Trophy - Mono or Colour Pictorial


Best Set of 3 Images



Martin Litchfield CPAGB


Please nsure that your images are in the Dropbox one week before the competition - the folders are there now in the Dropbox.

Some reminders of competition rules -

The images are to be 1600 pixels wide & 1200 pixels high* (N.B. portrait-format images should be 1200 pixels tall).
It is recommended that your image fits exactly within these dimensions (usually leaving margins horizontally or vertically), to avoid undesirable resizing side-effects.

A Record is a photographic document of a man-made subject, such as a building, work of art/craft, vehicle, or appliance. The subject or Detail is the main part of the picture. The photo should be sharp, unobstructed, and taken from a central position, to ensure accurate reproduction. Photos not fulfilling these criteria should be categorised as Pictorial instead.

A Pictorial photo is intended as one you could hang on a wall, instead of a painting. Pictorial photos place emphasis on artistic lighting, angles, composition, and aesthetics, but can be of ANY SUBJECT.

Please remember that our evenings are not only for informing you and helping you in your photography.

We are a social group and meet to share ideas, locations and generally have a good old natter.